Whether synthetic or real, all hair extensions need to be cared for properly to extend the life of them.  Please note this is only a guide line to our customers.


  • Shampoo at least once a week
  • Use a shampoo no higher than pH 7
  • Sponge the shampoo into the hair
  • Do not massage
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Apply conditioner and comb hair, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp. Use a good (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don’t overdo it as too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause a build up and tangling. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry. Ask your stylist what would be the best products for your hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Also, let your hair air-dry rather than using a blow-dryer, and avoid excess heat while using styling instruments. When heat is used, it’s best to always apply a heat-protective serum beforehand.



Brush or comb through to style.


Use styling aids, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation (preferably   alcohol free products).



Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose large braid at the back of the neck.


After waking up, undo braid and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots


During the summer season you will not want to miss out in dips in the pool or ocean because of your new hair. Be sure to always wear a swim cap made of latex. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat up. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up. Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected and tucked neatly under the cap.