Clip In hair extensions are a fantastic way to add length and body to your own hair.


Clip in hair extensions are a great alternative to permanent hair extensions as they can be fitted by yourself in less than 5 minutes offering you an instant fashion makeover. They are so natural looking no one will notice you are wearing them.


FAQ clip on hair extension


Is it possible to fit the clip in hair myself?

There in instructions on the pack and it takes just minutes to fit them.


Can my hair extensions be straightened?

Clip in hair extensions made with human hair can be straightened. We recommend the use a heat protection product before applying heat to the extensions. Just like our own hair, the less heat you use the better.


How often can I wear my extensions?

As often as you like, just remember to take them out before sleeping to prolong their life. The clip ins can last on average anything from 6 months to a year depending on how often you wear them.


Are the clip ins easy to look after?

Your extensions comes with a care guide which contains all the details you need.


Will people be able to see if I am wearing hair extensions?

The beauty of clip in extensions is the natural look that can be achieved with them. Once fitted they are a perfect blend with your own hair.


Please see the Illustration below.

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